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The Basics

Whether you're brand new to waterborne coatings or a seasoned veteran, it's important to understand the fundamentals of working with water-based products so that every project is a masterpiece.


  • We recommend a room temperature between 68ºF and 75ºF for best results.

  • Ensure your products are stored out of the elements and are not subjected to extreme heat or cold.


  • Ensure project, products, and environment are at recommended temperatures.

  • Ensure your project surface is clean and free from oils, waxes, and silicons.


  • After opening, evenly stir the product to ensure everything is mixed well before applying.

  • Never shake the product.

  • Use a dry, soft-bristled brush for most of our products, unless otherwise specified.

  • Some products may be spray applied. You may need to use CrystaLac Reducer / Retarder to thin the viscosity of the product. Ensure you're in a well-ventilated area and are using an OSHA approved respirator if spray-applying.

  • Refer to the specific instructions for each product.

Dry-to-Touch Time

  • Each product's dry-to-touch time will vary depending on its use (paint, topcoat, etc.)

  • Refer to the instructions for each product.

  • Products may be dry-to-touch before they are ready to recoat.

Recoat Time

  • Our products are ready to recoat in 2-4 hours, depending on your conditions.

  • Your environment and application method will determine the dry time.

  • Refer to the specific instructions for each product for any variations.

Cure Time

  • Cure time can be dependent on the number of coats used.

  • Most applications are ready for light use within a few days.

  • As a manufacturer, we recommend up to 30 days to reach full hardness.

  • Avoid contact with liquids during the curing process.

  • Refer to the dry and cure time instructions for the product you're using.


If you're new to waterborne products or haven't used a specific CrystaLac product before, always practice your process on a similar test project/material before applying to your main project. For best results, if you plan to use products from different manufactures along with CrystaLac products, be sure to test the compatibility before applying to your main project.

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