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Flip'N Awesome (3-in-1)

The all-in-one paint with no compromises

About the Product

Ready to turn that old dresser into a luxury centerpiece? Want to make your kitchen feel remodeled without replacing those outdated cabinets? For any DIY project, craft, or tumbler, Flip'N Awesome 3-in-1 has you covered with a high-end furniture paint with a built-in primer, paint, and top coat.


  • Safe for You – because your home shouldn’t become a laboratory. Our non-toxic formula lets you get messy without the stress. Safe for use in the house around the family and pets, with easy water cleanup.

  • Forever Finished – our specialty formula blocks stains and tannins, leaving you with nothing short of that color you choose. Also contains UV stabilizers to protect colors from fading in sunlight.

  • Easy to Apply – let your inner renaissance artist out with every brushstroke. With excellent coverage and self-leveling agents, you can wet it and let it do its thing. Flip’N Awesome can be brushed or sprayed.

  • Ready for Everyday Life – you can apply to most surfaces. The built-in top coat is durable and water resistant, leaving you with a tough, smooth surface.


  1. Environment: For best results, work in an environment between 68-75ºF.

  2. Prep: It's important to start with a clean surface. Most paint failures happen if you skip this step. Old furniture can contain contaminants of all kinds. If you use a mineral spirit cleaner, be sure to remove any traces of it by using CrystaLac Surface Conditioner. Do not use tack cloths as they can cause adhesion problems. Scuff-sand lightly to give the surface some "tooth" to hang onto. Wipe off the sanding dust with CrystaLac Surface Conditioner.

  3. Application: Shake or stir Flip'N Awesome well. Paint away using your favorite brush or sprayer. Use long, even strokes and apply thin coats. Allow product to self-level.

  4. Recoat Time: Allow 2-4 hours of dry time between coats. For tannin-bleeding woods and light colors, 2-3 coats will be needed, and be sure to allow 24 hours dry time for the first coat.

  5. Cure Time: Flip'N Awesome is intended for interior use and can be used lightly within 48 hours, but will take 2-4 weeks to fully cure. If your project will receive a lot of use/wear, we recommend applying an additional top coat like our Extreme Protection Polyurethane.

  6. Exterior Use: While Flip'N Awesome's build-in top coat is durable and water resistant, you will want to protect your project with an exterior top coat like our Crab Coat Marine Finish.

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