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Cover All (Tumbler Prep)

Say goodbye to prep sanding, once and for all

About the Product

Cover All is a clear, bonding prep coat that adheres to hard-to-cover surfaces. No need to sand or strip, just brush it on and watch it stick! Bonds to Metal, Steel, Glass, Acrylic, Ceramic, Plastic, Wood, Vinyl, Sublimation, and Powder Coats.


  • Eliminate Prep Sanding - yes, you read that right. Cover All is a prep coat that removes the need to sand or strip your tumblers before decorating!

  • Breathe Easy - Our waterborne formula is non-toxic, eco friendly and does not require special PPE.

  • You're a Pro - The work is done in the bottle so that you can focus on doing your thing. Just brush it on! Cover All will self-level as it dries.

  • Skip to the Fun - Now that you don't need to sand or strip, you can get to the fun stuff quicker and increase efficiency.

  • Clean with Water - Cleanup is quick and easy without requiring harsh chemicals.


  1. Environment: Apply in an environment above 68ºF. A temperature between 68ºF and 75ºF is ideal.

  2. Application: A dry, soft bristled brush works best. Use plenty of Cover All to get good coverage. If you see any repelling while it's wet, brush over it a few times until it fills in.

  3. Dry Time: Use 2 coats to ensure complete coverage. Ensure 2 hours of dry time between coats. A warm lamp hanging above it helps it to cure faster. You can also heat-set Cover All by using a heat gun on LOW, moving quickly and not too close. Be careful though, if you get it too hot, it can blister.

  4. Tinting: You can tint the Cover All by adding a few drops of our concentrated pigments and micas into it. Do this on the second coat. The first coat needs to be undiluted and pure for best adhesion.

  5. Curing: Cover All takes approximately 8 days before it becomes permanently adhered. No worries, you can still continue with your design 2 hours after the last coat. Cover All will continue to cure along with your other products as they dry. DO NOT pick or scratch off the Cover All while it is curing!

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