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Access years of experience at CrystaLac Academy.


We're thrilled to have you here! CrystaLac Academy is a continuously growing resource for artists in all industries to find help, inspiration, and be empowered to use waterborne coatings on all of their projects.

CrystaLac Academy is in the Alpha stage, so there will be ongoing changes as we continue to expand and make information easily accessible for you.

About CrystaLac

The CrystaLac Company is a Specialty Coatings Developer, Manufacturer and Solution Provider that is known worldwide for our environmentally friendly, high performance coatings. All products are easy to use, Environmentally safe, and exceed the highest of quality standards to satisfy the most stringent customers. The CrystaLac Company prides ourselves as being "Green" in everything we do and will only manufacture products that are well below EPA regulations. We have developed an extensive line of Professional Grade Products to serve specific industry needs.

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